ISO to KF Flange Adaptors

ISO to KF Flange Adaptors

Item No.: AD-ISOKF
Material: SS304 (316L Available on Request)
Tube Finish: Bead Blasted (Polished and Electro-Polished Finishes Available on Request)
Part # Size A B C Sketch
AD-ISOKF-63×25 ISO63-KF25 ISO63 KF25 46.50  
AD-ISOKF-63×40 ISO63-KF40 ISO63 KF40 46.30
AD-ISOKF-63×50 ISO63-KF50 ISO63 KF50 46.30
AD-ISOKF-80×40 ISO80-KF40 ISO80 KF40 46.30
AD-ISOKF-80×50 ISO80-KF50 ISO80 KF50 46.30
AD-ISOKF-100×40 ISO100-KF40 ISO100 KF40 46.30
AD-ISOKF-100×50 ISO100-KF50 ISO100 KF50 46.30