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ASC Aseptic Diaphragm stop valve adopts PTFE elastic diaphragm and installs a steam chamber at the seal part of the plug.This assures the isolation between sterilizing stem
and atmosphere,providing with safety and easy cleaning,no dead corner and convenient repair. Especially suitable for the asepsis operating condition under high temperature stevilization.

Technical Parameter
Pressure Durability: ≤5bar
Temperature durability: +260℃
Stretch: Life above 1million times
Material: Diaphragm PTFE
Valve body: SUS304 or SUS316L

Requirements For Compressed Air Quality That The Executor Needs
Compressed air joint:air pipe equiped equips with air adapter R1/8"
Max grain size:0.01mm
Max oil content:0.08ppm
Dew point:below 10℃ or less
Max water content:7.5g/kg